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Best terms FOR OUR PARTNERS There are many ways to ensure your financial independence. We bring the best of them right to you.

Terms andagreement

Please, read before using our service

1. General information

Please carefully read the rules of cooperation with the company Hightwolf.com. By participating in the activities of the company, you automatically confirm your age and consent to all of the following provisions. Every deposit is considered to be a private transaction between the Hightwolf and its Member. All information exchanged between the investor and the company is not subject to disclosure to third parties. Hightwolf is willing to protect confidential information, but is not responsible for any loss of data caused by the user. You agree that all information, communications, materials coming from Hightwolf are unsolicited and must be kept private, confidential and protected from any disclosure. Moreover, the information, communications and materials contained herein are not to be regarded as an offer, nor a solicitation for investments in any jurisdiction which deems non-public offers or solicitations unlawful, nor to any person to whom it will be unlawful to make such offer or solicitation. As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof. We are not a licensed bank or a security firm. Also Hightwolf is not responsible or liable for any damages, losses and costs resulting from any violation of the conditions and terms and/or use of our website by a member. You guarantee to Hightwolf that you will not use this site in any illegal way and you agree to respect your local, national and international laws. We reserve the right to change the rules, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at our sole discretion without notice, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the members' interests. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the current terms.

2. Investor's Rights

Investor agrees with Rules and undertake to comply and follow these Rules:

- not to use SPAM;
- not to use any malicious applications able to break working capacity and/or integrity of Website;
- to provide only actual personal data at registration;
- to be full age at the time of registration on Website;
- to show tolerance to other participants and investors;
- not to use the earned funds in the illegal purposes;
- not to use this Website as a way and means for money laundering;
- to respect the right of the HightWolf Trading LTD's intellectual property;
- to respect the right of the HightWolf Trading LTD for a commercial secret, including the right for keeping in the secret all details of any private deal.
- It is prohibited to damage the reputation of the company by creating negative videos or posts on social networks forums and etc. First of all, we ask you to write in our support. For our part, we are always ready to support our investors.

3. Сompany has the right:

- to provide information and consulting services to the Investor;
- to suspend or to temporarily stop providing any information by means of Website without prior notice for the following reasons:

• - adding of content on the Website;
• - content updating;
• - removal or editing of the Website content;
• - urgent system updates;
• - power lines shutdown;
• - damage of processing equipment;
• - damage of communication systems;
• - force majeur circumstances;
• - any breakages of technogenic character.

- to suspend of services providing to Investor in case of violation of these Rules by Investor;
- to block the account of the Investor in case of violation of these Rules by the Investor;
- to make changes to these Rules without preliminary coordination;
- to make changes to Website content without preliminary coordination;
- to make corrections and/or additions to investment offers;
- to add new and/or additional electronic payment systems;
- to change the value of partner reward towards increase without preliminary coordination;
- to carry out mailing by all registered users of the HightWolf Trading LTD;
- to use of the Investor personal data for optimization and improvement of investment interaction process;
- to refuse cooperation to any participant without explanation;
- to provide every possible assistance and support to Investor within these Rules;
We are not responsible for inconvenience or problems associated with the temporary suspensionof the Website work which has become result of action of the aforesaid reasons;
We are not responsible for the inconveniences and losses associated with a temporary suspension of services providing, which have become result of action of the aforesaid reasons;

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