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HightWolf Allocated $2 Million to Contribute to the OCHA’s Food Program Fund

During the pandemic, private investors significantly increased the share of stocks in portfolios compared to other instruments. 57.6% of those who were surveyed state that during self-isolation, they began to play more actively on the stock exchange which allows the stock market to feel more confident.

The favorable market trend allowed us to significantly strengthen in the market and earn money ensuing donating the funds to charity. Emergency relief consignments and medical personnel landed on Monday, December 14, in the Democratic Republic of Kenya (DRK) thanks to our $2 million donations to the OCHA.
Nobody knows exactly what the size of the non-profit charity sector is. This is primarily due to its inhomogeneity. Just like many other companies, HightWolf not only supports its employees, in particular, those who got in a difficult situation but also donates significant funds to funding the countries most affected by COVID-19.
For example:
Latin America remains one of the world’s regions where COVID is actively spreading now. Four countries of the continent at once (Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Mexico) are among the top ten countries with the largest number of disease incidence.
The worst situation is in the Republic of South Africa, where more than 13.5 thousand new coronavirus cases were identified per day. This is the highest daily disease incidence ever since the virus spread. In fact, the country’s authorities note that the largest number of tests was carried out during the last day.
The donations received will fund the activities of the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, which, in particular, provides for a build-up of efforts to control COVID-19 and to improve the general financial situation of countries.

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