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Congratulations on the kindest and most long-awaited Christmas!

Dear HightWolf investors!

Christmas is approaching - a time of high expectations and wonderful changes, a time of kindness and wonder.
On 25 December only, our investors have the opportunity to receive an account bonus on every deposit, and it is immediately available for withdrawal:
- On "Colibri Fly" plan 1.2%  + 2.1% balance bonus.
- On "Trading Bull" 1.9%  + 3.39% balance bonus.
- On "Eagle Growth" 2.7%   + 5.55% balance bonus.
- On "Bear Glow" 10.3%  + 7.77% balance Bonus.
- On "Lion King" 415%  + 9.66% balance Bonus.
May the Christmas stars open up new perspectives for You and make your most cherished dreams and wishes come true. On Christmas Eve, we all want to share joy, happiness, love and hopes for the future with our loved ones and those around us.
On 25 December, our employees and colleagues will celebrate the day with their families, so the offices will be closed and no interest will accrue.  
Congratulations on the kindest and most long-awaited Christmas! We wish You financial well-being, successful implementation of plans, success and confidence in the future!
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to multiply your capital and don't forget to tell your partners and friends that everyone can do it.

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