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Best terms FOR OUR PARTNERS There are many ways to ensure your financial independence. We bring the best of them right to you.

Hightwolf has insured investor deposits.

HightWolf LTD issued an investment insurance policy in the amount of $ 120 million.

Hightwolf has an impeccable payment history. We always fulfill our obligations to users and provide them with the timely payments of dividends and bonuses within the terms specified in their investment plans.

Nevertheless, the issue of investment safety always worries investors, and is the main factor when deciding how much to open a deposit for. We are well aware of this concern, because it is impossible to completely exclude situations of force majeure. But we have solved this problem.

HightWolf LTD issued an investment insurance policy in the amount of $ 120 million with a multinational financial conglomerate. The company serves more than 25 million clients worldwide and has a 200-year reputation as a reliable insurance agent.


The objects of financial investment insurance are direct investments, stocks, bonds, any securities and the right to participate in investment projects.

Indemnification of losses of investors is paid from the insured amount of $ 120 million for each of the deposits in proportion to their size.

The insurance liability is limited to the insurance period from 06.10.2020 to 06.10.23. After the expiration of the term, the contract is automatically prolonged for a new period, unless one of the parties, no later than 1 month before the end of the current insurance period, declares its intention not to renew the contract.

Now you can earn with HightWolf without fear of the risk of losing your investment. Upon the occurrence of any event specified in the contract, your funds will be reimbursed from the amount of the insurance fund.

Insurance events
Legislative changes that may impede the receipt, use and transfer of dividends;Nationalization and expropriation of the company and its assets created with the participation of investors;Confiscation of assets, real estate and enterprises owned by the company, in which the investors' funds were invested;Bankruptcy of the company HightWolf LTD, confirmed by a court or other procedure provided for by legislation in the territory of the Insured's registration;Changes in tax legislation that make further investment impossible;Ban on exchange activities;Changes to any legislation that in any way may infringe on the rights of investors in the investment market;Military actions in the territory where the assets belonging to the Insured are located, in which the investors' funds were invested;The onset of a force majeure event (fire, environmental or man-made disaster, natural disasters, epidemic, etc.);

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